Let's have a Tea Party!

Teacups on Books

Literary Tea Parties

For the love of literacy, that is how Sip by Sip came to be! We combine our love of literature and playing pretend for a unique customized tea party experience! You pick the book and we develop a world of enchantment for you and your guests!

At each party you can expect; Handcrafted decorations to go with your theme, customized games for fun, learning specialized manners, indulging in a unique menu, being captivated by a wonderful Story-time, making a custom tea party craft and more.

Don't forget to dress to impress, and get ready to put your pinkies out. Contact us for more information, and let the magic begin. Cheers!

Your Hostesses

Profile of Pam

Miss Pam

Even as a young girl, Pam reveled in her imagination. Whether it was leaving the bookstore or library with a stack of books, playing make believe with her friends, or dreaming of traveling to Narnia she was always open to adventure. Always reading, She studied literature and library science.

Pam loves making children happy, whether it's meeting her own children at the bus stop in a black cape or sitting on the floor building towers with Legos.

Her love of children, literature, magic, and parties helped Pam realize that those are the perfect ingredients for a literary tea party. She and Leah bonded over their love of vintage dishes and soon realized they had so much more in common. Unleashed by Leah's creative imagination, Pam dons a tutu and a tiara and happily teaches proper table manners while ensuring her guests have as good a time as she does.

Miss Leah

Miss Leah was always encouraged to be creative and learned that magic is everywhere! Playing pretend was one of her favorite past times, whether it was putting on plays or playing mermaids in swimming pools. Inspired by fairy tiles, mystical things came to life through her artwork when she escaped into her sketchbook.

As a young adult her mother gave her the best advice do what you love, and what makes you happy. With that motto in mind she went to school for Fine Art honing her natural creative skills. Soon she picked up work at a local bookstore, where books became her inspiration. Taking on the cafe department there, she learned how to cultivate delicious drinks and learned the backbone of running a cafe. With her creative mind and her extensive background in the food industry she stumbled upon the idea of doing tea parties. (With the help of Miss Pam of course! )

Miss Leah uses her artistic eye to make decorations by hand, prepares delicious cuisine, makes hand-made crafts, and conjures up specialized games to create a world of enchantment where anything can happen

Profile of Leah